Amanda Davey

Amanda Davey

6minutes Editor
Amanda is a medical editor and journalist - she enjoys making her readers smile and finding quirky angles that others miss

Published Articles

Just one year on this diet reduces bone loss

But only for people with osteoporosis
13 July 2018

Girl's leg is reattached backwards after cancer surgery

Doctors hope the procedure will allow the child to walk.
24 May 2018

Don't say 'lyme' anymore, and the other most-read articles of 2017

Here's what attracted your attention over the past 12 months
12 December 2017

There’s something different about 6minutes

Our aim is to deliver a faster, cleaner and easier-to-navigate site to make sure you get the news the way you want it.
18 September 2017

New fitness tracker measures sexual performance

I’m exhausted just thinking about it
07 March 2017

Real-world evidence points to NOAC benefits

In most cases they cause less intracranial bleeding than warfarin
08 September 2016

Stroke risk in AF: time to set a new score?

Widely used risk score puts too many people on anticoagulation therapy
07 September 2016

European doctors challenge US focus on statins

Their cholesterol guidelines call for lifestyle interventions on a population level
03 September 2016

Surprise finding in sleep apnoea study

Patients feel less tired, but there is no benefit to heart health
02 September 2016