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Clare Pain

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Why doctors should stroke babies

And why doing it at the right speed makes a difference.
21 December 2018

Depression, anxiety as risky as smoking and obesity: study

Findings suggest greater integration of mental health treatment is needed in primary care.
19 December 2018

10-minute online tool checks cognition in depression

Aussie-developed simple tool can tell if those with major depression have cognitive dysfunction.
13 December 2018

Where are GPs most likely to prescribe antibiotics to kids?

In some regions of Australia, prescription rates are 16 times higher than the lowest rates.
12 December 2018

Which kids are hit hardest by concussion?

Study shows it can take three months for teen girls to fully recover.
09 November 2018

Ever wondered who makes your sterile gloves?

New report says modern-day slavery is common in surgical equipment factories.
09 November 2018

Prior chemo linked to cognitive decline in women

Study was carried out in newly diagnosed over 60-year-olds with non-metastatic breast cancer
11 October 2018

Will future GPs prescribe placebo pills?

They seem to work, even when used open-label.
10 October 2018

Short and sweet: new IBD disability tool effective

It simplifies the process for patients to self-report useful data.
05 October 2018

Why it pays to ask where type 2 patients were born

Outcomes for diabetes patients vary dramatically depending on their country of origin, indicates Aussie study.
03 October 2018