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Clifford Fram

Clifford has been a journalist for more than 30 years. He is passionate about telling stories that add value to readers' lives

Published Articles

Aussie-funded study calls for new BP guidelines

It was a mistake to reduce targets for patients at high risk of major cardiovascular events, research indicates
11 November 2015

GPs urged to end unnecessary folate tests

B12 and folate are too often considered a combined test, say pathologists
02 March 2015

Shy baby boys need secure parental bond

Those who don’t get it are at increased risk of developing in anxious teenagers, report Canadian researchers
24 February 2015

Call for melancholic depression to be reclassified

Study identifies key disruptions in brain networks that are specific to those with melancholic depression
23 February 2015

Endocrinologists highlight Medicare rebate gap

Their 13-year review shows paediatric patients with the lowest bone density score might be missing out on scans
16 February 2015

Binge drinking campaigns should focus on why and how

A study of UK students shows they drink less if they have strategies in place
13 February 2015

Why chronic obesity is so difficult to cure

Eating less and moving more is not enough to overcome a potent biological drive to maintain a patient’s highest lifetime bodyweight
13 February 2015

Aussies challenge relaxed blood pressure guidelines

People with diabetes are likely to benefit from a lower target than the general population
11 February 2015

Eight signs a cancer patient is about to die

Identifying cognitive and physical symptoms of death could improve communication and aid clinical decision-making, say researchers
10 February 2015

Diabetes cancels out women’s longevity advantage

Study involving more than 200,000 patients shows women with type 1 diabetes have a significantly higher mortality risk than men
09 February 2015