Heather Saxena

Heather Saxena

Senior Reporter

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ICU stethoscopes are teeming with bacteria

More than half are infected and cleaning doesn't always work.
13 December 2018

6 medication 'do not dos' for GPs

Latest Choosing Wisely recommendations include review of older patients on more than five meds.
12 December 2018

Which specialists are stepping to the fore on the green?

Hint: it’s not GPs who take up clubs in the biggest numbers.
11 December 2018

Inquest reveals doctors' festering feud

Poor relations between two interventional neuroradiologists left hospital short-staffed.
10 December 2018

Doctor burnout linked to e-health records

Daily IT frustration more than doubles the risk of burnout, US study finds.
06 December 2018

Doctor could have prevented toddler's death by taking tests: coroner

The 17-month-old died of sepsis a day after being discharged from hospital.
05 December 2018

5 key facts about atypical anorexia

Study findings a 'cogent reminder' to monitor weight loss in adolescents at any weight.
04 December 2018

Top 7 fibs 80% of patients tell their doctors

Most common reasons for lying were not wanting to be judged or lectured, survey shows.
03 December 2018

Family of GP killed at black spot will continue his safety campaign

'Dad feared someone would be killed on this road, we just never imagined it would be him.'
29 November 2018

YouTube awash with misinformation on prostate cancer

Many videos on the site promote complementary or alternative medicines, while others have a commercial bias.
28 November 2018