Heather Saxena

Heather Saxena

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Rude surgeon suspended over comments

UK surgeon who asked nurses about sex lives must 'show insight' before suspension is lifted.
17 January 2019

Vitamin D supplements don't help older patients

Most patients over 70 should focus on diet, exercise and sun exposure, say authors.
16 January 2019

How vital is sleep for arterial health?

Doctors can help by recommending good sleep hygiene, authors say.
15 January 2019

Why patients are using stools on the toilet

The defaecation postural modification device increases the odds of complete bowel emptying.
10 January 2019

Why diet and exercise may not be enough to prevent GDM

All women should be screened earlier for dysglycaemia, urge US researchers.
09 January 2019

Sweet nothings: no benefit from artificial sugar

There's no evidence to suggest artificial sweeteners help with weight control.
08 January 2019

Investigate sperm quality in recurrent miscarriage

Research adds to a growing body of evidence suggesting sperm health dictates the health of a pregnancy.
07 January 2019

ICU stethoscopes are teeming with bacteria

More than half are infected and cleaning doesn't always work.
13 December 2018

6 medication 'do not dos' for GPs

Latest Choosing Wisely recommendations include review of older patients on more than five meds.
12 December 2018

Which specialists are stepping to the fore on the green?

Hint: it’s not GPs who take up clubs in the biggest numbers.
11 December 2018