Heather Saxena

Heather Saxena

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Being caring helps patients to shed kilos, study reveals

Patients lose more weight when they think GPs care about their efforts, say experts.
21 March 2019

Cutting booze improves AF control

Abstinence leads to better symptom control, confirms Aussie study.
20 March 2019

Safe to stop aspirin three months post-stent: study

No need to for patients to be on dual antiplatelet therapy for a year, US researchers say.
19 March 2019

Nifedipine linked with cardiac arrest

European study shows increased risk of out-of-hospital arrest with higher doses of the drug.
18 March 2019

9 reasons to check inactive ingredients in oral meds

US researchers find most medicines contain ingredients known to cause allergy or exacerbate intolerances.
14 March 2019

Doctor 'phone booths' offer diagnoses and dispense drugs: US

Patients lock themselves inside the medical stations for a teleconsult with a remote doctor.
13 March 2019

Have these 4 names made palliative care more palatable?

A change in attitude is more important than a change of name, say specialists in the field.
13 March 2019

8 steps that have a dramatic impact on hospital hygiene

A study of 11 Aussie hospitals shows how vancomycin-resistant enterococci infection rates can be cut by 37%.
12 March 2019

The obesity paradox strikes again for stroke

The higher the BMI, the lower the chance of death post-ischaemic stroke, shows US study.
06 March 2019

'Coffin nailed and superglued shut' on MMR-autism link

Giving the vaccine to children at high risk of the disorder doesn't make them more susceptible, large Danish study shows.
04 March 2019