Paddy Wood

Paddy Wood

Digital Editor
Paddy joined Australian Doctor Group from the Australian Associated Press, where he reported on technology and general news.

Published Articles

Government’s call to cap GP visits withdrawn

Sussan Ley clarifies the Health Care Home proposal
09 November 2016

Bye bye BEACH

Frustration grows over the closure of the largest GP research program
13 April 2016

When three’s a crowd

What patients think when there is a student in the room
06 February 2016

Study shows likelihood of being sued

For a start, men are much more likely than women to be sued for malpractice a second time
29 January 2016

A threshold has been crossed, say Paris terror attack doctors

The demand for tourniquets was so high that many were forced to use their belts
26 November 2015

Nembutal popularity on the rise

But the true death rate from the euthanasia drug is likely to be much higher than figures suggest
14 July 2015