Paul Smith

Paul Smith


He has won multiple journalism awards and has twice been named Health Journalist of the Year by the National Press Club.

Published Articles

Can one hour of exercise a week prevent depression?

Just one hour of exercise a week seems to prevent depression, an Australian study suggests.
04 October 2017

Dozens of counterfeit medicines seized at border

It is part of a global crackdown on smuggling.
26 September 2017

AMA says no to euthanasia reforms

The group says its position is in keeping with the World Medical Association view
25 November 2016

GP bulk-billing rates keep going up

The feared collapse under the Medicare rebate freeze hasn’t happened
30 August 2016

Hiroshima: The Fallout

To mark this week’s 70th anniversary, this multimedia feature tells the story of medical impact on survivors in the hours, days and years that followed
04 August 2015

New PIP system ready to roll

The new structure appears to include a financial incentive for practices to triage after-hours patients over the phone
26 May 2015

Doctors’ health program imminent

It aims to support physically and mentally ill doctors, but at arm’s length from the Medical Board
06 May 2015

GPs among top 10 highest earners

But they are still way behind surgeons, anaesthetists and internal medicine specialists
01 May 2015