Rachel Worsley

Rachel Worsley

Rachel is a medical journalist with a special interest in mental health and legal issues. She is completing her law degree part-time.

Published Articles

The delicate business of contacting sperm donors

Children in Victoria can now legally track down donors without their consent
31 March 2017

GP struck off after leaving patients disfigured

One patient was left with an “ugly deformity” from his excision of a lip BCC
13 December 2016

College cleared over death of stressed trainee

The dedicated and gifted woman wasn't coping with repeated exam failures
26 November 2016

Kids' cannabis trials ‘unethical’

Long-term damage to developing brains will likely outweigh short-term benefits
29 September 2016

Important changes to diabetic guidelines

Patients with CVD should get the maximum dose of a statin, irrespective of lipid levels
25 September 2016

Concussion linked to early mortality, psych problems

But most adolescents don’t receivelong-term follow-up
02 September 2016

Glucose monitor beats finger-pricking in hypoglycaemia

Trial heralds step towards eliminating need for routine finger pricks in diabetes
27 August 2016

Caution urged for Paleo diet in diabetes

There are question marks around its long-term efficacy
15 August 2016

Suicidal patient discharged against GP's wishes

The psychiatrist who made the call has been criticised over the man's death
22 July 2016

Study questions insulin use in type 2

It’s prescribed to millions of patients without proven benefit, authors say
12 July 2016