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Do inflatable boots help prevent DVTs?

Study shows intermittent pneumatic compression doesn't reduce DVT and PE rates in critically ill patients.
22 February 2019

How much sugar is in a bottle of fizzy drink?

Watch the latest medical news videos.
21 February 2019

Why GPs should advise diabetes patients to go nuts for nuts

Regular servings of walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts and cashews lowers their risk of CVD, study shows.
21 February 2019

2 questions you should ask teens about alcohol

Responses help identify patients at risk of problems down the track, say researchers.
20 February 2019

Having more GPs increases life expectancy: study

More primary care doctors increase a person's chance of being treated for CVD risk factors or major cancers.
19 February 2019

Push-ups test: how many reveal a heart risk?

It's a simple, no-cost method to help doctors check for heart disease risk, researchers say.
18 February 2019

Psoriasis therapy holds promise for treating atherosclerosis: study

The findings reinforce the importance of treating inflammation, including of the skin, say researchers.
15 February 2019

Why some children are prone to strep throat

The findings may have identified a potential target for recurrent tonsillitis, say researchers.
14 February 2019

Eating meat may raise risk of non-fatty liver disease

Study shows people with NAFLD get more of their total calories from animal protein.
13 February 2019

Glycaemic control tied to raised fracture risk in type 1 diabetes

Those with vascular complications such as retinopathy face an even higher risk: study.
11 February 2019