Middle-aged women are hitting the bottle

But men and adolescents appear to moderating their consumption
woman drinking wine

What’s driving middle-aged Australian women to drink?

It’s a question that researchers are unable to answer right now, but what they do know is that middle-aged women are drinking more. Conversely, men and adolescents appear to be reining in their consumption.

Population surveys conducted from 1983 to 2012 show a decline in drinking for all groups, except women aged over 45.

The biggest decline is among young people.

Although women are consuming less alcohol than men overall, there has been an increase in their per-capita alcohol intake, the researchers say.

Wine appears to be their drink of choice.

This is consistent with international findings.

This trend not only has implications for general health, but also for obesity, say the researchers from the University of Sydney.

“The upward trend in alcohol intake for women cohorts born between 1945 and 1970 may be one of the factors explaining the increased prevalence of obesity of this group and the efficacy of reducing alcohol intake to prevent weight-gain in this group is warranted," conclude the researchers.

You can access the study here