Experts criticise outdated RACP stance on circumcision

Infant male circumcision “is a desirable public health intervention”  that should be readopted in Australia and New Zealand.

This is the view of high-profile researchers whose analysis found a 200 to one risk-benefit in favour of male circumcision compared with the lifetime risk of being uncircumcised.

It’s time past prejudices are set aside, they say. Current RACP policy is “outdated” and “not evidence-based”.

The findings are set to reignite the debate around infant male circumcision in Australia.

Opponents have long argued that male circumcision has no benefits, only harms, or that the benefits only apply later in life.

However, the latest evidence from a systematic review of 140 research studies suggests that not only are the benefits “considerable”, they start in early childhood and extend over the lifetime.