The GP, the patient, her husband and the law

A GP who accused his patient of attempting to blackmail him after they had sex during a consultation has been struck off for at least five years.

Dr Vipin Lal reported the woman to WA police in January 2014, claiming that she had threatened to make “sexual allegations” about him unless he handed over $10,000.

The woman was acquitted of extortion in November 2015 after a trial at which Dr Lal gave evidence.

The WA State Administrative Tribunal has now ruled that Dr Lal’s evidence to court, including his claim that the encounter was non-consensual from his perspective, had been false.

In a ruling on Tuesday, it cancelled his registration for at least five years over his sexual misconduct and “serious, active and continuing dishonesty”.

“It was a course of dishonesty that had serious consequences for the patient in that she faced a district court trial,” the tribunal members ruled.

“At the patient's criminal trial, Dr Lal was content to continue to paint the patient as a liar, and as the instigator of an unwanted sexual advance upon him, an unwilling victim.

“He maintained his deception right through the trial, that is, in the most serious of circumstances.”