Professor fumes over third-hand smoke paranoia

She says there's no evidence to back the concern
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As paranoia about the dangers of third-hand smoke gains momentum, one expert has advised calm until more evidence comes to light.

“There is a paranoia now about whether or not smokers are dangerous even if they don’t have a lit cigarette in their hand,” says Professor Simone Dennis, an anthropologist and ANU researcher who has studied the lives of smokers for 15 years.

In a presentation in Canberra on Tuesday, she said: “I saw an example online where a new mum was concerned about her baby being exposed to her father-in-law because he wears the same clothes as when he smokes.

“As a result, there were people, even doctors, advising her not to allow that person around the baby.”

Professor Dennis says the concept is being led by the US where some hotels are warning guests that people once smoked in a room, even though they have repainted it, put in new curtains and replaced the carpets.