No more flies on him

This Kazakhstan boy was diagnosed with aural myiasis.

The video shows a doctor removing dozens of live maggots from his ear.

Aural myiasis is rare and usually occurs in patients with certain risk factors, such as chronic suppurative otitis media, low socioeconomic status, neglect, old age, mental retardation and poor personal hygiene.

The clinical presentation may range from mild earache to manifestation of intracranial extension, such as seizure. Treatment is usually simple: removing the larvae, irrigating the ear and prescribing antibiotics to prevent possible secondary infection.

In this case, the unidentified boy had gone to the doctor complaining of an earache, according to a Daily Mail report, and after examination, it was clear that a maggot infestation was the cause of his discomfort.

All the 12 wriggling maggots were about 1cm long and probably the larvae of a bluebottle or flow fly.