Published Articles

What happens when GPs miss MI symptoms

A handy checklist to avoid being sued for misdiagnosis
11 February 2017

Riddle of disadvantaged women and MI risk

The reason for gender disparity in low socioeconomic areas is unclear
20 January 2017

Young smokers at greater risk of MI

Researchers say it’s not easy to explain why
01 December 2016

Two things that double the risk of MI

Both can trigger a heart attack within an hour, even in low-risk peop
12 October 2016

5 diet and lifestyle tips post MI

Patients should be physically active for half an hour a day to the point of slight breathlessness
09 September 2016

Get ready for the next cardio epidemic

Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction is set to be the dominant form
09 August 2016

Spot diagnosis

This man presents with new peripheral edema. What diagnosis does his chest X-ray suggest?
06 August 2016

CVD risk greater in migraine sufferers

It’s particularly the case for women, say Harvard researchers, who suggest routine screening
02 June 2016

New concerns over antipsychotics

Meta-analysis confirms link with increased risk of acute myocardial infarction
20 May 2016

Sydney GP sued over misdiagnosis

He has admitted liability and is waiting for the court to decide how much he owes
17 May 2016