Published Articles

Instinct drove GP to perform CPR on daughter first: inquest

'I went straight to my daughter,' says GP, ahead of another man in a worse condition.
15 February 2019

Heavy drinkers can alter their DNA

Findings may help explain why alcoholism is so 'powerful' and could lead to new treatments, says study.
31 January 2019

One doctor's idea: Allow ecstasy to be bought OTC in pharmacies

It won't stop deaths but it will reduce them, the drug reform advocate claims.
30 January 2019

Problematic: Aussie baby boomers hitting the bottle

An estimated 400,000 more people now drinking at risky levels, study shows.
15 January 2019

Where does Australia rank in world drug overdose death rates?

Out of 13 countries, Australia features near the top - and death rates are rising.
13 November 2018

How many alcoholic drinks a week is too many?

Every-day tipple may need a rethink as even light daily drinkers face increased risk of dying.
08 October 2018

Online games an addictive 'tragedy', says psychiatrist

Epic battle over whether gaming is a mental health issue or a family one.
05 September 2018

7 facts about the rising opioid death toll

Three-quarters are linked to prescription drugs
20 August 2018

Trump fans may be in more than just financial pain: study

Opioid use and Trump support linkedĀ 
27 July 2018

Skip opioids for a better sex life

Those who take the drugs long term for chronic non-cancer pain report lack of desire
26 July 2018