Published Articles

WHO urged to reconsider gaming disorder

Games industry asks the world body to hold fire on finalising addiction to video games as a medical condition.
11 January 2019

How GPs can spot risky older drinkers

Many drink despite memory loss and falls.
04 October 2018

Here's a nine-point script to tackle those benzo requests

It could help show drug seekers you know how to say no
23 March 2018

Why LSD should be used for depression and anxiety

Experts say it makes people more directly and intensely in touch with the world
09 August 2017

Fearful doctors shun opioid addiction drug

They are concerned patients will resell it
08 August 2017

Antidepressants plus benzos: Is it worth the risk?

The decision to prescribe simultaneously requires careful consideration
05 July 2017