Published Articles

2 questions you should ask teens about alcohol

Responses help identify patients at risk of problems down the track, say researchers.
20 February 2019

Online games an addictive 'tragedy', says psychiatrist

Epic battle over whether gaming is a mental health issue or a family one.
05 September 2018

New advice on which drugs are best for ADHD

International experts examined seven drugs used to treat the disease
08 August 2018

How teen binge drinking affects bone density

Teenage girls who binge drink about twice a month may fail to reach their peak bone mass
15 June 2018

New MenB vax ready to roll

Called Trumenba, it joins its rival Bexsero to provide short-term protection.
13 April 2018

Treating eating disorders: tips from a recovered patient

Research shows many patients are falling through the cracks
11 December 2017