Published Articles

Changing tack on treating depressed youth

Why the conventional approach is not working
29 May 2018

Contradictory medical advice failed teenager, says mum

Parents of the 19-year old blame the health system for her death
22 May 2018

Adolescent mental health services in crisis

Too many teens are ending up in emergency departments
04 May 2018

Diet and depression link not all in the mind

New evidence of a biological link between diet and depression has emerged in the first study to analyse associations between diet, BMI, inflammatory markers and mental health in adolescents.
09 February 2018

Keeping a close eye on acne patients

Study finds strong link between skin disease and mental illness
08 February 2018

Transgender kids win access to treatment

The law preventing transgender children from seeking medical treatment to change their sex has been overturned.
30 November 2017

Doctors rally to debunk no vote’s smear campaign

 It is discrimination, not same-sex parents that harms children, they say
20 October 2017