Published Articles

AMA report warns of aged-care crisis

A third of doctors plan to stop visiting patients within two years
25 July 2018

How to reduce medication use in aged care

Intervention achieves reductions in antipsychotics and benzodiazepines.
11 May 2018

How doctors get sucked into inappropriate care

Expert warns against futile treatment of elderly patients
30 June 2017

Nursing home residents dying too early

There has been a marked increase in deaths from falls
29 May 2017

Call to keep nurses in aged care

Warning that GPs will bear the brunt of proposed staffing changes
07 May 2016

Elderly patients fall through the cracks

GPs fear their referrals are being lost in an IT blackhole
03 March 2016

Concern over fitness-to-drive self-reporting

Medical assessment is needed because older drivers falsely giving themselves the all-clear
09 December 2015

Study finds evidence Alzheimer's may be transmissible

Nature article says growth hormones extracted from cadaver brains could be a risk
11 September 2015

Doctors complain about aged care website

They say it was meant to make things easier, but it’s onerous for them and ‘unsafe’ for patients
08 September 2015