Published Articles

Guess where Aussies sit on the list of world's drinkers

But Russians and French still ahead: WHO report.
24 September 2018

A drink a day to boost fertility?

One study suggests it may be just the thing for some men
18 July 2018

What high blood pressure may signify in young men

Study looks at binge drinking and heart risks in 18-45-year-olds
29 June 2018

Australia’s health report card is in

We get a pass but there is room for improvement
19 June 2018

Should all adults be screened for unhealthy drinking?

New US draft guidelines are recommending just that
08 June 2018

Wowsers are more delicate than drinkers

Study shows people who don’t drink take more time off work.
06 June 2018

Dubious drinking study ditched

This is because of a potential conflict of interest by two of the US authors.
18 May 2018

How alcohol actually affects sleep

Just two drinks is enough to reduce sleep quality by 40%
08 May 2018

Should this be Australia's new alcohol guidelines?

Researchers argue we've been lulled into a false sense of security
13 April 2018