Published Articles

Why even short-term corticosteroid use is risky

Acute adverse events are associated with low doses
04 May 2017

Fragranced products causing untold misery

Adverse health effects have reached epidemic proportions
09 March 2017

6 steps for management of anaphylaxis

This includes placing the patient in the supine position to improve blood return to the heart
17 June 2016

Restaurateur gets six years’ jail after peanut death

This is the first time that a UK person has been convicted of manslaughter over the sale of food
26 May 2016

Forget allergy testing for hives

‘It’s more about managing a patient’s anxiety than finding a cause’
10 May 2016

Black henna tattoos a growing problem

Doctors use this case study to explain why they should be avoided
07 May 2016

Benefits of early peanut exposure confirmed

Kids exposed in their early years are much less likely to develop an allergy
18 March 2016

Antihistamine reduces IBS pain

Researchers say they have found a mechanism behind gut sensitivity
21 January 2016

Heavy with heartsink patients

A more opinionated human being I have never met – apart from his wife
07 January 2016