Published Articles

Child vomiting after rice, oats or chicken?

The little known food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome could be more common than we think, say researchers.
01 February 2019

How often is penicillin allergy misdiagnosed?

Doctors can try skin prick testing and oral penicillin under observation to check.
18 January 2019

Don't leave EpiPens in hot cars

Glove compartments are the hottest spot and adrenaline concentrations drop, study finds.
12 December 2018

Worth a shot: Immunotherapy effective in severe eczema

The case report adds to evidence in support of subcutaneous allergy therapy.
22 November 2018

Why milk allergies need attention too

More young kids are allergic to milk than peanuts, but they're less likely to carry an EpiPen.
21 November 2018

Doctor on a mission to end milk-phlegm myth

Court physician created the notion 800 years ago, says paediatric respiratory specialist.
11 September 2018

Dermatologists warn of dangers of acrylic nails

Loose nails, red rash, itch and even breathing difficulties can occur in nail allergy epidemic.
15 August 2018

What a whopper: Junk food linked to asthma and allergic disease

It's likely nutritional deficits contribute to asthma progression, research suggests
13 August 2018

History: How surgical gloves came to be

The story of how rubber surgical gloves came to be
27 July 2018

5 reasons to avoid sedating antihistamines

Adverse effects include accidents and severe tissue injury
03 April 2018