Published Articles

Doctors use Twitter to flush urine therapy down the toilet

The Twittersphere went crazy on Friday morning as doctors attempted to counteract the growing urine-therapy movement with some considered advice: “Do not do it."
23 February 2018

Dodgy practitioners face jail in Victoria

New bill proposes beefed up powers for a new complaints commissioner
12 February 2016

Time to take homeopathy off the shelves

A leading clinical pharmacist says her profession should stop trading in homeopathy if they want to be taken seriously
18 June 2015

Concerns remain over Sydney Uni’s association with Blackmores

“I believe that the current regulatory system must be changed if the research conducted is to be commercialised successfully”
11 June 2015

Blackmores hits back at criticism

The reaction to the new Sydney University Chair of integrative medicine reveals a ‘manifest contradiction’, argues head of sponsor company
09 June 2015

Funding for CAM is plentiful, says Friends of Science

Any claims that complementary and alternative medicine lacks good scientific research are simply wrong, say Friends of Science in Medicine
05 June 2015

Krill oil marketing: a case study of broken regulations

"Products containing containing krill oil provide a good example of the kinds of extravagant claims made by supplement manufacturers."
12 February 2015

Cold shoulder for US anti-vax campaigner

Aussie petition sparks a high level of immunity to osteopath’s message
09 January 2015