Published Articles

Two medical students have died in past few weeks, says AMSA leader

Concern that many still don't speak out about stress and bullying
09 November 2017

Med students go head-to-head with AMA over euthanasia

The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) has openly opposed its parent organisation’s policy on voluntary assisted dying (VAD) by coming out in support of the policy.
26 October 2017

6 tips for good suturing

Expert advice and pictures for those who want to improve their technique
11 July 2017

Tired trainees risk their lives after work

More than half have had a car accident on the way home
11 July 2017

Are medical graduates really work-ready?

New findings raise the question of whether the internship model is working
05 June 2017

Junior doctors doing it tough

'What needs to happen to build resilience and improve mental health'
26 May 2017

A tribute to body donors

"They were my first patients, my first teachers and a source of inspiration"
10 May 2017

Do we need another med school?

No says AMSA. Yes says economic impact assessment
09 May 2017