Published Articles

Can surgery and anaesthesia affect memory?

Surgery and anaesthesia appear to have a negative impact on memory in middle-aged people, with the rate of decline double what would normally be expected, according to researchers.
01 March 2018

Man dies after drug mix-up

Coroner hears of missed opportunities to save his life
05 February 2018

5 important things to know about propofol

An accidental overdose by a young doctor has put the drug in the spotlight
30 November 2016

Nitrous oxide no laughing matter

A European Society of Anaesthesiology taskforce has released a consensus statement on the efficacy and safety of the drug
02 June 2015

Anaesthetist reprimanded over patient’s pain

The obstetrician continued the operation despite being aware the woman was in pain
23 September 2014

Anaesthetist calls for better pain management

Clinical practice and health-fund approach are in need of a revamp
25 August 2014

Anaesthesia study bites researchers on the bum

Inflammatory response implicated in postoperative cognitive dysfunction
10 July 2014

Laughing gas finally declared safe

It may have been used more than one billion times in surgery and helped women get through the rigours of childbirth, but recently nitrous oxide has been a bit on the nose.
07 May 2014