Published Articles

Woman dies after live bee acupuncture

Spanish doctors have reported on the sad case of a 55-year-old woman who died after a severe allergic reaction from a bee-sting acupuncture session, also known as apitherapy.
22 March 2018

Food allergy is more common than thought

New findings explain reported rise in food-induced anaphylaxis among adolescents
27 July 2017

Nut allergy tests ‘inaccurate’

Overdiagnosis rife, leading to unnecessary food avoidance
30 March 2017

Doctors warn of heart effects from bee stings

A man attacked by a swarm ended up needing a pacemaker
05 November 2016

Spot diagnosis

Hint: These skin lesions were caused by an injection of iodinated contrast material
30 June 2016

6 steps for management of anaphylaxis

This includes placing the patient in the supine position to improve blood return to the heart
17 June 2016

Anaphylaxis warning for cough medicine

The TGA advises caution with Bromhexine-containing products
04 June 2016

Restaurateur gets six years’ jail after peanut death

This is the first time that a UK person has been convicted of manslaughter over the sale of food
26 May 2016

Seafood vs nuts – which is the biggest killer?

But, either way, food is not the main cause of anaphylaxis death in Australia
11 May 2016