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Treating eating disorders: tips from a recovered patient

Research shows many patients are falling through the cracks
11 December 2017

Now you see it, now you don’t

How to treat compulsive exercise in adolescents with an eating disorder
04 August 2017

The ugly truth about attractiveness

Having a good-looking husband has negative consequences for the wife
17 July 2017

What should you ask if you suspect anorexia?

It’s a hard condition to recognise, say psychiatrists
23 March 2017

Woman with anorexia dies with parents’ blessing

Her decision to refuse force-feeding was supported by family and doctors
24 February 2017

Spot diagnosis

Hint: This moiré pattern lines the colon and the patient is a woman
21 February 2017

Why do so many older women have eating disorders?

Researchers find a surprising number of over-40s are struggling
18 January 2017

10 tips for treating people with eating disorders

It’s a challenge, but listening without prejudice is the first step
02 December 2016

5 strategies to ward off teen weight issues

Growing concern about adolescent obesity and eating disorders has prompted new guidelines
23 August 2016

Modern women more accepting of being fat

They are less dissatisfied with their bodies despite growing rates of obesity
09 August 2016