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How would you manage this patient’s reaction?

She has just been treated for syphilis
08 June 2018

Aussie GPs still overprescribing antibiotics

Diagnostic uncertainty is one potential explanation
10 July 2017

True penicillin allergy ‘rare’

Why it's important to retest all those thought to be allergic
04 July 2017

5 new 'do not dos' to curb antibiotic resistance

Infectious diseases experts are increasingly worried about a looming post-antibiotic era
19 April 2017

What's blood type got to do with infection risk?

Researchers shed light on a group of people who are more prone to strep than others
19 April 2017

Is this the start of the postantibiotic era?

Infectious disease experts are ‘deeply alarmed’
17 April 2017

Amoxicillin: the benefit-harm trade-off

Under-reporting of adverse effects is rife, say Australian researchers
19 November 2014

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14 November 2014

Using biomarker tests in primary care

Research suggests they may be a practical way of ensuring better targeting of antibiotics
12 November 2014

New gonorrhea strain makes debut in Australia

A8806 has been detected in a European tourist, but its prevalence is unclear
05 November 2014