Published Articles

1 in 20 UTIs caused by superbugs

It may be impossible to identify which patients are at risk, say researchers
24 August 2018

Another reason to confirm or rule out penicillin allergy

There's an increased risk of MRSA and C. diff in these patients
29 June 2018

Toothpaste and handwash blamed for antibiotic resistance

A common ingredient in toothpaste and handwash could be contributing to antibiotic resistance, Australian scientists warn
21 June 2018

Multidrug-resistant STI reaches Australia

Even ceftriaxone is no longer effective against this strain of N. gonorrhoeae
23 April 2018

Confusion surrounds UTI treatment in nursing homes

Study highlights the problem of overdiagnosis and overprescribing
11 January 2018

Scarlet fever makes a comeback

Its return could precipitate an increase in rheumatic heart disease
28 November 2017