Published Articles

Cheap and cheerful: those medication compliance apps have some value

Basic versions are just as good as the advanced ones
27 August 2018

Patients get live access to health summaries

IPN is rolling out an info-sharing app at 180 centres
22 April 2017

Apps may be the future of AF screening

Large study shows high accuracy in combination with hand-held ECG
14 October 2016

Aspirin app calculates CVD risk score

Its makers say it helps doctors apply recommendations in clinical guidelines
22 June 2016

Doctor versus robot

The world’s first ‘robodoc’ in the form of a smartphone app will be pitted against the real thing this week
07 June 2016

Smart devices in the pipeline for diabetes

Mobile technology giants are locked in a race to come up with new ways to check blood sugar without a finger-prick test.
26 June 2014