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What proportion of patients with psoriasis develop arthritis?

A 70-year-old female with psoriasis presents with a four-month history of worsening arthralgia.
15 June 2018

Weight loss, weakness and proteinuria

What’s the cause?
06 July 2017

9 tips for managing rheumatoid arthritis

What you need to know about disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs
04 April 2017

Lower risk of arthritis for kids with siblings

Victorian researchers say their finding may be an example of the hygiene hypothesis
02 April 2015

Sloppy medical writing inflames Aussie professor

Inflammatory arthritis is as meaningless as terms such as round wheel, black darkness or burning fire, says one peeved doctor
24 March 2015

Inflammation’s surprising role in heart disease

Study could have implications for those taking anti-arthritis medication, say researchers
05 March 2015

Late exercising women have less joint pain

Possible explanations include protective effect of oestrogen after menopause
27 October 2014

Fat more damaging than weight

Unhealthy dietary fats could be more important than mechanical factors in the link between obesity and osteoarthritis
18 July 2014

Herbal remedy good for arthritis

A traditional Chinese herbal remedy used to relieve joint pain and inflammation works just as well as methotrexate for treating rheumatoid arthritis, new research finds.
17 April 2014