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Low-dose aspirin of little benefit to most

Lancet study warns against the one-size fits all approach
17 July 2018

'Definitive proof' that aspirin works for pre-eclampsia

But it’s important to get the dose just right, say experts
29 June 2017

Daily aspirin users might need a PPI

The risk of internal bleeding is far higher than previously thought
14 June 2017

Alternative theory on how aspirin may thwart cancer

Lab studies point to platelet action as key to anti-tumour effect
11 February 2017

Aspirin app calculates CVD risk score

Its makers say it helps doctors apply recommendations in clinical guidelines
22 June 2016

Study questions low-dose aspirin for middle-aged women

But the good starts outweighing the harm after the age of 65, according to the results of large, long-term trial
08 December 2014