Published Articles

What a whopper: Junk food linked to asthma and allergic disease

It's likely nutritional deficits contribute to asthma progression, research suggests
13 August 2018

Key learnings from Victoria's asthma storms

Only one-third of people who died had action plans
25 June 2018

Asthma and fractures: who’s most at risk?

New evidence confirms that boys with asthma are at significantly increased risk of fracture during childhood; however, there is no such link between asthma and fracture risk in girls.
04 April 2018

Specialist wants end to OTC asthma relievers

He says too many patients head straight to a pharmacy instead of their GP
19 July 2017

Best add-on therapy for persistent asthma

A Lancet report suggests the safest and most effective option for now
07 July 2017

10 things GPs can do about climate change

It is already having a real impact on patients
01 April 2017

Thunderstorm asthma worse for the unwary

Almost half of people affected not previously diagnosed with asthma
25 March 2017

4 simple questions to rule out allergy risk

Only 2% of the population are likely to have one
01 March 2017

5 ways COPD presents differently in women

It is important for clinicians to be alert to the variance, say experts
21 February 2017