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The latest on antidepressants in-utero

Study rules out one major concern
13 July 2017

Researchers debunk link between autism and antidepressants

Studies give reassuring results for mums-to-be
20 April 2017

Autism linked to low vit D during pregnancy

The answer may be as simple as supplementation
15 December 2016

Doctors missing autism signs

That’s because there’s no uniform guidelines to work from
08 December 2016

Mum’s flu jab not linked to autism

But the mother’s age in pregnancy may play a role
01 December 2016

Should naturopaths treat children?

UK doctors warn of the dangers of complementary and alternative treatments
11 October 2016

Paediatricians admit gaps in autism diagnosis

Long waiting lists for assessments mean many do not adhere to best practice
23 January 2016