Published Articles

Linking autoimmune disease and psychosis

A meta-analysis including 25 million people confirms the association
04 July 2018

Sunscreen blamed for alopecia in middle-aged women

Using sunscreen on a regular basis may exacerbate a type of alopecia that is increasingly found in middle-aged women
12 June 2018

What to do if your patient has coeliac disease

5 tips for testing and monitoring the response to treatment
02 June 2017

What rash is that?

This newborn presents with a 12-day history of fever and anaemia
30 May 2017

Spot diagnosis

Hint: the condition is often provoked by sun exposure
14 October 2016

Not taking chronic fatigue lying down

An Australian has forced the release of important raw data from a landmark trial
24 August 2016

5 evidence-based reasons to drink coffee

Recent literature confirms it is associated with numerous protective benefits
12 August 2016

Why statins work in autoimmune diseases

The drugs ‘act like a plug’ to reduce inflammation, researchers say
12 July 2016

Anorexia may be contagious

Researchers suggest psychological factors are not the primary cause
27 April 2016

What is this unusual rash?

Hint: The center of the annular lesions are intact and not necrotic
08 July 2015