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Bariatric surgery may protect against heart failure death

Patients with congestive heart failure are 50% less likely to die if they've had bariatric surgery, study shows.
14 November 2018

Gastric balloons linked to 12 deaths

Gastric balloon deaths spark safety warning from US health authorities
13 June 2018

Obesity surgery just got a whole lot easier

The Endobarrier is a thin plastic sleeve fitted via the mouth in less than an hour.
13 September 2017

Drinking problems common post-bariatric surgery

Long-term clinical follow-up of these patients is recommended
19 May 2017

500kg woman seeks treatment in India

She is believed to be the world’s heaviest person
14 February 2017

Guess what’s in this picture

See if your answer matches any suggestions here
01 December 2016

When medical tourism goes wrong

Australian dies after botched bariatric surgery in South Korea
09 July 2016

8 recommendations for treating obesity

An easy guideline for managing people with weight problems
05 July 2016

Introducing the stomach-draining obesity device

About 20 minutes after finishing a meal, the partly digested food is drained into the toilet
16 June 2016