Published Articles

Now you see it, now you don’t: the case of vanishing bones

X-rays taken of a woman diagnosed with Gorham–Stout disease show her bones gradually disappearing from sight over time.
06 April 2018

New thinking on bone density tests

A single measurement is even more telling than previously thought
22 July 2017

Vit D for the elderly: how to get the dose right

A review of the evidence suggests a change to current recommendations
30 May 2017

Which drug treatment for osteoporosis?

Head-to-head study pits denosumab against zoledronic acid
28 October 2016

Anabolic therapy a winner for osteoporosis

The novel drug provides consistent protection against fractures in menopausal women
21 September 2016

Bisphosphonates good for the long-term

Ten-year follow-up offers reassuring news for patients
02 July 2016

9 tips for treating osteoporosis

All fracture patients over 50 should be assessed for antiresorptive therapy
16 June 2016

Osteoporosis patients avoid bisphosphonates

Media reports of an extremely rare side effect are to blame
08 June 2016

Vitamin D deficiency a poor marker of bone disease

Patients are being inappropriately labelled at risk, argues a leading Australian endocrinologist
02 March 2016