Published Articles

Live webcast tackles tough questions about osteoporosis

Readers have sent in many topics for Prof Eisman to cover this afternoon
26 November 2014

Sour surprise for milk guzzlers

Swedish study shows too much cow’s milk might reduce longevity and cause fractures in women
03 November 2014

Moving with the times

When it comes to improving cognitive function any exercise will do
31 October 2014

Media reporting slashes osteoporosis prescribing

Long-term decline started after 2007 program linked drugs to osteonecrosis of the jaw
16 September 2014

Rib fractures less innocuous than thought

Anyone who does not recover within six months is likely to have pain for many years
08 August 2014

Study refutes CHD risk from calcium supplements

Meta-analysis contradicts 2010 finding of 21% increase in myocardial infarction
04 August 2014

Vitamin D no wonder drug

Prescribing vitamin D supplements to prevent falls is futile, New Zealand researchers say, contradicting findings from earlier studies and adding weight to growing evidence that it is far from the wonder drug previously thought.
24 April 2014