Published Articles

Plans to move forward with Botox antidepressant

Despite patchy trial results the drug’s maker is pressing ahead
07 April 2017

‘G-spot amplification’ now a thing in Brisbane

Cosmetic clinic is offering dermal filler injections into said region
14 February 2017

9 important changes to cosmetic procedures

The Medical Board of Australia has been performing a little nip and tuck of its own
11 October 2016

5 treatment tips for troublesome anal fissures

Botox is one option but side effects include temporary incontinence of flatus and stool
24 June 2016

6 new rules for providing cosmetic procedures

They includes a mandatory consultation before injecting Botox or dermal fillers
10 May 2016

Botox finding puts figurative frown on scientists’ faces

They have discovered that some of the toxin escapes into the central nervous system, but they don’t know how
17 April 2015