Published Articles

Surgeons remove 13kg of faeces

This takes faecal impaction to a whole new level
15 June 2017

Positive faecal test results - when to follow-up

Sooner is better, but how much better?
27 April 2017

8 important new facts about cancer

An Australian snapshot shows survival rates dropping in some cases
03 February 2017

Healthy body shape may hide bowel cancer clues

Study shows which slim people should be assessed for risk
23 September 2016

Call to ramp up bowel screening

Waiting until 2020 to fully implement the program will cost Australia $2.6bn, says the Gut Foundation
20 January 2016

UK publishes new alcohol guidelines

And the news is bad, even for moderate drinkers
12 January 2016

FOBT-based screening: success unequalled

The latest evidence shows it has "markedly superior" survival rates yet participation remains low
08 October 2015

Patients not taking FOBT results seriously

Many still reject screening invitations while positive results are being ignored
23 June 2015

The discreet charm of the lower intestine

German best-seller describes the ‘masterly performance’ of defecation, with bowel movements ‘as elegant as a ballet dancer’
29 May 2015

Bowel cancer attacking the young

The disease is on the rise in people under 50, with many receiving a diagnosis too late
29 May 2015