Published Articles

5 do-not-dos in benign breast disease

These tests or procedures should be avoided, say Aussie surgeons
23 January 2018

Breast screening controversy rekindled

Mass mammography is not behind the fall in death rates, researchers find
29 October 2016

Drugs credited with fall in breast cancer deaths

The impact of screening on mortality rates has been overestimated
18 October 2016

Mammogram hot spots predict future cancers

A new interpretation method is 30% more accurate at predicting disease
11 October 2016

Dense breast cancer risk ignored

GPs should be driving the conversation about the possible dangers, researchers say
05 October 2016

Cancer-detecting bras combine fashion and science

Wearable technology has entered the realm of disease diagnosis
24 March 2016

Breast density assessment ‘inconsistent’

As many as a one in five women are recategorised from one mammogram to the next
13 January 2016

High-risk women reject breast cancer prevention

Doctors don’t like discussing the issue with patients, Australian specialist says
14 December 2015

Blood test predicts breast cancer

The new test can track key mutations months before clinical relapse
29 August 2015