Published Articles

Revealed: the true proportion of bulk-billing

Health department officials have been prodded into disclosing the actual figures
07 December 2016

It’s official: bulk billing rates are falling

Out-of-pocket costs have risen in every state, new figures show
16 November 2016

AMA calls on GPs to raise fees

This is because they are working ‘longer and harder’
20 October 2016

Record high bulk-billing rates ‘misleading’

Chronic disease patients claim a disproportionate amount of services
11 June 2016

After-hours bulk billing model cops flak

Continuity of care and inexperienced doctors are just some of the concerns
27 February 2016

GP bulk billing hits a new record

And the cost for most taxpayers is less than car insurance
20 November 2015

Co-payment comparison

Here's how the AMA co-payment plan compares with the government's
22 August 2014

Taking the high road

I’ve done a number of GP rotations and it’s a very rare that a patient will wholeheartedly thank you for your service but when you do home visits patients look at you like you’re their saviour.
13 June 2014

Family doctors in crisis

Family doctors in the UK are seeing up to 60 patients a day and working round the clock in order to meet growing demand with less funding, The Telegraph reports.
30 May 2014

Why the RACGP is wrong on copayments

It’s no surprise to see the AMA giving approval for GP co-payments “as a concept”. What does disappoint me is to see the RACGP also backing copayments – even with exemptions.
27 May 2014