Published Articles

Cosmetics chemical doesn't cause breast cancer in older women: study

But researchers say a question mark hangs over the role of the plastics in earlier life.
14 February 2019

Fatty acids fuel prostate cancer: study

Men who consume more saturated fatty acids seem to have more aggressive cancer, say researchers.
07 February 2019

Millennials face increased cancer rates because of obesity crisis

Trends in young adults is a sentinel for future disease burden, says expert.
05 February 2019

One in four surgeons yet to sign up to 'critical' breast implant register

But raise your cups to the other 75% who have already joined the national database.
05 February 2019

Should surgeons routinely video their ops?

Filming laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery aids accurate reporting: study.
30 January 2019

5 reasons to stop calling low-risk cancers 'cancer'

A name change is needed and 'one of the most important steps' to improving quality of life, says expert.
24 January 2019

Oncologists in spat with exercise experts over patient advice

Guideline may cause 'considerable angst' among patients unable to meet the level, academics say.
18 January 2019

Court case kicks off over claims baby powder caused cancer

Johnson & Johnson faces more than a dozen lawsuits over its talc-based products this year.
09 January 2019

6 reasons to be cautious with medical cannabis

Physicians say the drug seems to hold some promise, but much more evidence is needed.
08 January 2019

Are you using the best method for detecting skin cancers?

Dermoscopes get the thumbs up, but Cochrane reviewers warn against smartphone apps.
18 December 2018