Published Articles

Psoriasis therapy holds promise for treating atherosclerosis: study

The findings reinforce the importance of treating inflammation, including of the skin, say researchers.
15 February 2019

What happened when a 70-year-old patient had a marijuana lollipop to aid sleep?

Rather than facilitating a restful night, the lolly brought on MI-inducing hallucinations.
12 February 2019

Does aortic valve replacement benefit frail patients?

Study suggests carrying out a frailty assessment in patients before the procedure.
06 February 2019

Doctors 'reassured' on statins in over-75s

The drugs show benefits in older patients and may be justified in all age groups, Aussie research shows.
01 February 2019

Just how unhealthy are fish and chips?

Eating fried foods regularly raises risk of early death in women over 50, say researchers.
24 January 2019

Aortic stenosis linked to chronic kidney disease

Researchers suggest doctors monitor CVD risk factors in these patients.
23 January 2019

BP meds not tied to falls in older women

But patients need to be monitored when antihypertensives are added or changed, researcher says.
22 January 2019

How vital is sleep for arterial health?

Doctors can help by recommending good sleep hygiene, authors say.
15 January 2019

Daily aspirin may curb COPD flares

Aspirin users have fewer flare-ups, better quality of life and less shortness of breath, study shows.
10 January 2019

Questions raised over familial cholesterolaemia and CVD risk

Study shows hospitalisations for CVD and ischaemic stroke no higher in this group.
19 December 2018