Published Articles

Changing tack on treating depressed youth

Why the conventional approach is not working
29 May 2018

Strangely common phobias

Iatrophobia and trypanophobia can pose a threat to a doctor’s livelihood
26 May 2017

New guidelines for chronic insomnia

Cognitive behavioural therapy should be considered first-line treatment
03 August 2016

CBT on par with antidepressants

Talk therapy may be as effective as SSRIs for treating major depression, research shows
10 December 2015

GPs urged to persevere with problematic online CBT

The RACGP wants doctors to keep an open mind, despite research that shows tools are next to useless
14 November 2015

Cognitive training key to tackling obesity

Doctors need to acknowledge how thoughts can affect eating behaviours and target their intervention accordingly, says expert
12 May 2015