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Determining who can be spared chemo

Landmark study on early-stage breast cancer suggests many can avoid it
04 June 2018

NSW doc to return to work after chemo saga

But this is subject to conditions including supervision
14 April 2017

Aussies take step forward against pancreatic cancer

They are hopeful the diagnosis may no longer mean a death sentence
24 February 2017

Chemo doctors hauled before Medical Council

They misdiagnosed a patient who got unnecessary chemo
19 November 2016

Chemo may be a case of more is less

Underdosing may lead to greater patient toxicity, argues oncologist
11 October 2016

Chemo scandal patient list rises by 28

However, the effect on individuals is still uncertain
21 September 2016

When your patient falls for a charlatan

Two doctors speak out about dealing with patients who insist on unproven, alternative treatments
17 March 2015