Published Articles

Engineer doctor hits the road with mobile practice

It has taken several years, but an Aussie cardiologist has turned his bold vision into reality
10 October 2014

Patients lack knowledge about heart attack symptoms

Only a third called an ambulance when experiencing an AMI
26 September 2014

YouTube no lifesaver

YouTube is no way to learn CPR, research shows
01 September 2014

A blank face indicates serious disease

An inability to register surprise is the strongest indicator for cardiopulmonary disease, say doctors.
15 July 2014

Experts advise screening for asymptomatic AF

The value of community screening programs to detect asymptomatic atrial fibrillation are highlighted in a large cohort study led by Australian researchers.
23 June 2014

Inactivity dwarfed by focus on obesity

Women who are keen to avoid heart disease should make physical activity a priority before focusing on losing weight, quitting smoking or getting their blood pressure down, an Australian study finds.
09 May 2014

Fairer sex discriminated against in CVD

Women face sex discrimination when it comes to cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment in Australia, new studies have shown.
08 May 2014

Bush docs best stick to basics with chest pain

Bush doctors can dispense with biomarker tests and rely on their clinical skills and an abnormal ECG to diagnose coronary disease, a study from Far North Queensland has shown.
24 March 2014