Published Articles

20 things chiropractors won't talk about

An insight into the profession by one of their own.
27 April 2018

Chiros, osteos or physios: who gets the most complaints?

Study compares formal complaints across the professions.
13 April 2018

What's the matter with chiropractic students?

They appear to be unwilling to let go of biologically implausible beliefs
28 March 2018

Chiropractor prosecuted for treating animals

He 'fixed' a tropical fish that was swimming sideways
04 April 2017

Chiropractor convicted in landmark case

He advertised that he was able to prevent, treat and cure cancer
16 February 2017

New evidence gives supporters of chiropractic a headache

Results like this have killed off hundreds of medications being developed by Big Pharma
13 December 2016

Skeptics name winners of Bent Spoon award

Two academics and a university have come in for major criticism
30 November 2016

Government urged to defund acupuncture

Science ‘friends’ argue why it should no longer be covered by Medicare
26 July 2016

GP criticises chiro for ‘predatory behaviour’

He targeted elderly women for his weight loss and ‘lipo laser programs’
26 July 2016

Spine cracking chiro stopped in his tracks

AHPRA has determined he stay away from babies
10 June 2016