Published Articles

Study determines the key to successful ageing

It’s about doing more exercise than recommended
25 July 2018

What’s killing Americans most?

Data track changes in the burden of disease.
13 April 2018

AMA slams Paleo Pete’s new film

It’s ‘hurtful, harmful and mean’
03 August 2017

10 ways to help patients comply

Useful tips for addressing non-adherence of long-term medication
02 August 2017

Helping convalescing patients manage

Online tool coordinates a support network of family and friends
30 June 2017

What happens when you suddenly stop exercising?

It takes just 14 days for detrimental metabolic changes to occur
19 May 2017

How to rein in the widening disease definitions

'This is the the first serious attempt to set some global rules'
17 May 2017