Published Articles

The vexing problem of C. diff

Recurrent infection is on the rise and difficult to treat
13 July 2017

In search of palatable poo

Experts support frozen faeces in capsule form but warn against DIY C. diff treatments
14 October 2014

Banking on faeces to deliver

'Faecal transplants may be all the rage these days but finding donors is proving to be quite a job'
02 October 2014

E.coli goes from strength to strength

Doubling of resistance among E.coli against main antibiotics
21 August 2014

Poo it yourself: the rise of DIY faecal transplant

The aptly named ulcerative colitis sufferer collected stool from his four-year-old niece, liquefied it along with some distilled water and swallowed the lot down.
28 May 2014

C.difficile: The Australian story

Clostridium difficile infection may have increased dramatically around the world in the past decade but so far Australian hospitals have remained relatively unscathed, a study shows.
17 March 2014